CALUA is more than a brand. CALUA stands for self-realization, self-confidence and self-love. We want to take you on a journey, without rules and without norms, with courage, cohesion and love. The world is changing so fast that you will be left behind if you yourself don't leave the things behind that could hold you back. The future knows no stereotypical thinking and no (country) borders, because it is inconsistent, unmanageable and offers endless possibilities.

We rely on the diverse and the deviant and use our opportunities to experiment and live creatively. CALUA stands for a philosophy of life. Our pieces are intended to represent an expansion of self-confidence and to underline the uniqueness of every woman. We have freed ourselves from the old role model that pretended how a suitable life for a woman looks like in earlier times. The old clichés have had their day, which is why CALUA supports a completely new self-image of the current generation of women.


Individuality is key. That's why we prefer to produce only few, but special and high-quality pieces. With CALUA, we want to encourage you to think differently, to feel good and to live out your individuality. We want you to change buying less, and therefore original creations, in a good quality to use it longer, from environmental sustainable materials and from positive social impact. We want you to show who you truly are and that our pieces support you in underlining your personality, your character and your passion. That is why we put the biggest love into details and always want to be a small step ahead. With our message we would like to encourage you to be the best version of yourself and give you joy with our pieces, so that you radiate when wearing them.


ASAP - As sustainable as possible.