In February 2018, the idea to finally put an end to the long search for the perfect bikini was born. For German girls like the two best friends and founders Caroline and Luisa, it was almost impossible to find the bikinis of their dreams in Germany without long delivery times, high shipping costs and customs fees. Based on this, CALUA was created - a high-quality, young, exotic and feminine brand with a special focus on sustainability.


With her Instagram account @caroeinhoff, Caroline has been an inspiration for many girls and young women all around the world for several years. Her message of truly loving yourself and being what you want to be is what distinguishes her and her content. That is why it has always been her dream to combine these values, her style and creativity in her own brand. 


Luisa is the creative mind behind CALUA. As a fashion designer and based on her business administration studies, she knows everything that is needed to implement the vision and build the brand of their dreams. True to Caroline’s motto "don’t let your dreams be just dreams", she started to develop CALUA right after her graduation.